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Professional Affiliate Requirements:

Enrolls in The Deal.

Will agree to really work and promote The Deal.
Has a customer base or email list in their niche or niches.
Applies to become an Affiliate and is Accepted.
Email List or Customer Base Numbers and Commissions:

Under 1000 people on your list: 25% Commission.
5000  people and up, on your list: 50% Commission.
25000 people and up, on your list: Negotiable Commission.

Some products have different Affiliate Percentages.
Above is general idea of Affiliate Commissions.

Step One: Apply below and we will Contact you as soon as we can, to notify you of your next steps, usually with in 3 days. :) Watch Facebook Notification for further instructions.

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Approval Required After Sign Up...

Last Updated: May 22, 2018